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You were great and I felt very secure with you taking care of my Golden, Maury. [My favorite part about the service] is the way you truly cared about Maury and the pictures you would send while you were there.

-Connie Chalk

So blessed to have found you. Picking dog sitters off the internet was a scary risk but sure turned out well! The positive reviews for Solgave that we saw were right-on.                                                – Bonnie Osmon

The services are perfect so don’t know how you could improve on that! The thing I like most about Solgave Animal Solutions is that it isn’t just dog walking. Jon loves my dog and goes above and beyond just walking her. He plays with her and seems to really enjoy being with her. She is my ‘child’ so these things are extremely important.

-Peggy Probst

I like the ability to book last-minute. Very friendly and quick responses. It’s great not to worry about my dog when we’re out for a night of fun!

-Kristen & Bodhi (the dog)

We left our 3 babies for 10 days in the hands of Cody and Jon and we could not be happier! Constantly updated us, and when we got home our doggies were not stressed and the house was as could be expected. So happy to have found Solgave and will be calling on them again very soon.

-Kristen Ballew

Wow! Where do I even begin?! Not only did our furbabies have the pleasure of staying within the comfort of their own home, we saved so much money by doing so! Left this holiday season on vacation and without very much notice, found Solgave online through a quick search and boy am I glad. Jon was immediately responsive (even in the late hours of night!) and provided every bit of information and documentation up front. Meeting him in person was also a pleasure as he was incredibly professional and polite during the meet and greet! Once We left, we received daily updates (and adorable pictures and videos!) consistently throughout each day. I have never had so much peace of mind while being away- knowing they are having plenty of food/water and play. At one point, we received so much rain, Jon noticed some potential for flooding in the back and notified me immediately- even going over an extra time that day to check on the house! I know my two pups can be a bit of a handful, however, Jon took THE BEST care of them and their needs better than any service I have ever used. I will never go back to boarding and will continue to use Solgave for as long as they’ll have me. Strongly recommend to any and all! Thank you, Solgave!

-Alex Spinks

All was great! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the flexibility.

We loved the flexibility, true love for animals, desire to maintain pets’ routine, staying connected to us so we never wondered if they were okay.

-Lisa Stafford