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Pet Sitting

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Have to leave town for a couple of days for work? Family vacation? No friend or family that are able to take care of your animals for you, and you don’t want to kennel them? Struggle no more! If you need dog and cat sitting, you can count on Solgave Animal Solutions to make sure they’re well taken care of while you’re away! Our in your home pet sitting visits ensure that your pet is cared for in the comfortable surroundings they know and love. Read more about why you should choose a pet sitter to take care of your animals here!

Drop-in pet sitting

We will come by your house as many times per day as you want! We will spend approximately 30 min, feeding, watering, playing and cuddling with your pet – and of course also take them outside to go potty. We’ll walk your dogs if you want to, or simply let them out in the yard to do their business if that is preferable to you. One visit mid-day is ideal if you work long shifts, or perhaps you would like us to drop by twice? We will water plants, bring in the mail, clean up any mess made by the pets, and in general do whatever you would like us to!

Three visits per day

In order for your dog to be happy and content while you are away, we recommend at least three visits per day. This service offers a savings on our regular pet sitting rates anytime you want three or more walks/visits per day. Each of our 30-minute visits include feeding and watering, a nice walk, playing and cuddling. We’ll also make sure that your home is well taken care of, watering plants, alternating blinds, retrieving mail and any other additional request you may have!

This applies to cats too! 

We understand that cats need a different kind of attention. Whether playful or peaceful, your kitty will receive just the amount of attention they prefer. With a good cuddle and a full bowl of food and water, they’ll stay perfectly pleased in our care. In addition to feeding, watering, and playtime, visits include a thorough litter box cleaning to ensure your cat feels happy, clean and healthy. For cat sitting services, we are flexible as to the number of times we’ll schedule to come by each day. Just let us know how often your cat would like some company.

We also do farm sitting!

Contact us for more information!

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