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Pet Consulting

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Forever Home

Adopting an adult dog is great for several different reasons! You not only get to save a life, you get (most of the time) a dog that is already spayed/neutered, and ready to finally find his “Forever Home.”

Choosing to give an older dog a ‘Forever Home’ is not just a kind-hearted gesture, but can change the lives of everyone in your family.

BUT, bringing an adult dog into a new home can create some difficulties or challenges. Whether the dog transitioned from a shelter or rescue, a breeder, or even a friend, it has different needs and requires specific care to feel relaxed, comfortable and… well, at home, forever.

The Forever Home Consultation provides you with the information you need to help transition your new pet from its previous living environment to your home. Some great examples of things that we can do are:

  • House Breaking – In the shelter it’s often hard to tell if your dog is housebroken or not.  And even if it is, it may likely need some assistance the first week(s)
  • Integrating the dog into your family dynamic
  • Boundary Setting – Work on the boundaries that you are desiring your new dog to respect
  • General tips on feeding routines, walking your dog, and help choosing the right equipment for your new furry family member
  • Crate training (if necessary)
  • Leash training techniques

Click on the link to learn more!

Matchmaking Service

Are you looking to adopt a dog?

Great! But it’s not always so easy picking the right one… How do you choose a dog? Well, first and foremost – do not pick a dog based on looks alone – the most important thing to go by is the dogs energy level. Does it match up with yours? And what does that mean, “energy level?”

We can help you find the perfect dog for you! Click on the link to learn how!

Phone Consultation

So what if you live outside of our area, and you’d still like our help? We can help you over the phone too! You and Sunniva will then join together on a one-hour consultation call to discuss the situation, your pet’s history and any other other relevant details. These calls are always very supportive and non-judgmental, and Sunniva listens to your concerns so she can provide you with solid training advice and the solutions you need.

Our phone consultation is the next best thing to an in-home session! Click the link to learn more!

Puppy Love Consultation

Getting your first puppy? Or maybe you have just got one, and it proves to be very different (and more “difficult”) than your previous dog(s)?

The Puppy Love Consultation is designed for puppies that are between 8 to 16 weeks old. It teaches you what you need to know so you avoid common puppy problems before they begin!

The consultation takes place in your home and lasts up to two hours (so we see your puppy in action!)

What we will go through:

  • Potty training do’s and don’t’s
  • Leash training – including learning about the different kinds of collars and leashes available, what to use them for, and when
  • Crate training
  • Chewing/biting behavior – why they need to chew and how to prevent them from chewing on your stuff

We will help you get off to the right start! Click here to learn more!

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