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Pack Walks

Our Pack Walks are a free event for dogs and humans to get out and enjoy each other and our community! We all need exercise, dogs and humans alike – and getting out in nature is the best way to do it! While walking  together in the same direction, few dogs will have a problem with other dogs, even though they may be “difficult” in traditional settings (the face to face greeting is what “sets most dogs off”). It ends up uniting us all, and has even forged several new friendships! We always encourage that all dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and training abilities attend our Pack Walks.  We follow The Yellow Dog Project at every walk so all dogs and owners can feel comfortable attending our pack walk; these truly are for everyone. These Pack Walks generally end up being a great way to safely socialize your dog!  See below to learn more about The Yellow Dog Project. 

We try to do these every month and attempt to attach a theme or interactive session. Sometimes this is donating supplies for a local shelter, cleaning up litter at a park, collecting monetary donations for a non-profit, or discussing a humanitarian project! We feel like events that bring people together is the perfect opportunity to discuss important happenings and projects in the animal and human world. By staying active on our Facebook and Instagram accounts (both can be found by searching “Solgave Animal Solutions”), you can stay up to date on future dates! We always provide refreshments and time afterwards to chat with your fellow dog lovers and just enjoy the area. The socializing time afterwards is often a favorite part for many attendees. 

 We change up the location of these for each Pack Walk, and do walks ranging from 1mile easy park walks, to 6 mile trail walks! We have something for everybody, and have children with us at every walk. We schedule walks all over NWA, but primarily in the Fayetteville area. Contact us if you know of an ideal location for a walk!