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Overnight Pet Care

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Are you going away, and feel that your pet(s) need more attention than the standard pet sit? Maybe you have multiple pets, and find it hard to find someone to take care of them all?

Then why not get a professional, experienced and dedicated Solgave employee to house sit while you are away?

With both of our overnight options, your pets get the comfort of staying in their own home, and you get the comfort of knowing that a professional, licensed and bonded Solgave Animal Solutions member is keeping your pet and your home safe.  Not only are we there to care for your pet with these options, but you can customize them to fit your needs by requesting us to adjust temperature settings, alternate blinds and lights, water plants, and even take out trash- all of which are free additions to any of our services.

Overnight Pet Care 

For many of our clients, a big concern is leaving their pets overnight alone. Overnight Pet Care is a great addition to any of our pet services. This gives you and your pets the security of having a professional Solgave Animal Solutions member in your home to overnight. You can request this service individually or add it on to a pet sitting service.  With our Overnight Pet Care service, we will be at your home from 10pm-7am to make sure your pets are happy and your home is secure throughout the night. We can do morning/night time feedings or walks and administer medication as needed.

And lots and lots of cuddles!!

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