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Meet The Staff

Solgave Animal Solutions has always had as our goal to design a business that would blend our natural gifts and passions, while allowing them to not only have a company we were proud of, but also be part of healthy changes in the world that we believe in. The cornerstones and philosophical base of Solgave Animal Solutions are Animals- Nature, Balance, and Healing.

Solgave Animal Solutions strives to be the best pet sitting and dog walking provider in Northwest Arkansas!

Jon Drew – Co-Owner

My name is Jonathan Drew and I am originally from Falmouth, Massachusetts. I have always loved dogs and I have a 3 year old golden retriever mix named Troy, as well as a 16 week old pit bull mix puppy named Loki. Troy is the “mature” one out of the two and helps to keep little Loki in line when he is in full puppy mode, which is always. I moved down to Fayetteville in June after graduating from college in May of this year. After several great experiences visiting Fayetteville, I decided to move here to start a business partnership with my best friend from the Army, Cody Tuten.

I was blessed to meet Jared Ritter and join the Solgave management team in July 2015 and was able to learn the great vision and passion of the company from the inside. By what I can only explain as destiny, I have been given the privilege and opportunity to come on full time as a new owner as Jared begins to transition into the next chapter of his journey. This is an energizing rebirth to an amazing company, and we are excited to develop and grow alongside the wonderful community of Fayetteville. The passion and vision of Solgave will remain as strong as ever, and most of all, we look forward to develop lasting relationships with you and your animals.

Cody Tuten- Co-Owner

Landing in Fayetteville, Arkansas and co-owning an animal-care business was never on my radar.  I’m originally from a small town in upstate New York.  I signed up to join the U.S. Army and was stationed in Ft. Riley, Kansas where I met my wife, Jenny, and my best friend/co-owner, Jon Drew.  I deployed to Iraq for 12 months and when I returned, I decided it was time to give somewhere new a try. After finishing my time with the Army, my wife and I moved to Fayetteville in 2011.  We have grown to love this area, and can’t imagine ourselves anywhere else.  My life has been surrounded by all types of animals.  I grew up with large husky and shepherd mixes amongst other dogs, cats, reptiles, and even a miniature horse. Animals have always been very important to me, and have been a constant in my life.

Upon moving to Fayetteville, my wife and I began volunteering at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter.   My love for animals and our community has grown even deeper because of this.  After a couple years of living here, we heard about Solgave Animal Solutions, and used them on our wedding weekend to care for our own dogs, Lola and Gunnar. We loved the care we received, and 2 years ago we signed on to help out with events and sitting. I spent many mornings setting up Pack Walks and helping the founders, Jared and Sunniva, with a lot of the “hands-on” work for events.  My heart is rooted in this company, and I’m excited to see the amazing things to come.

In my spare time, you will find me spending time with my family, hiking, camping, and backpacking through Arkansas trails, wake boarding on Table Rock Lake, and snowboarding down any mountain I can find.


Jenny Tuten – Marketing and Operations

Animals are my life.  Can I say that? It’s true.  My life has revolved around animals since I was a small child.  I have always had a dog by my side. I was known to “rescue” any animal I saw that I thought must need my help, whether that was a dog, cat, turtle, frog, and much to my parents delight: snakes and mice too. I’m originally from Kansas where I became a nurse and worked in Pediatrics. I’ve always felt a major part of my life was to “protect the innocents”, whether that was a sick child, or as stated above; a needy animal.

I met my husband, Cody, in Kansas and shortly after we met he was deployed to Iraq. Those 12 months were made much easier with my dachshund Gunnar to keep me company, which made me realize the true “therapy” animals can provide. Once he arrived home and was relieved from his duties in the military, we took a leap of faith and moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  We quickly jumped into an orientation process at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter to become volunteers.


Initially my husband and I walked the shelter dogs on Sunday afternoons, as well as fostering quite a few dogs for months till they were adopted or sent to a rescue. I began taking dogs to the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings a few months into volunteering. This is still something I enjoy whenever I get the chance. I have found no greater satisfaction then watching a family fall in love with a rescue pet, and vice versa. To see that connection made is absolutely rewarding.

I began working for Solgave Animal Solutions in November of 2013. Because of my full work schedule as a nurse, I did a few mid-day petsits and some In Home Boarding opportunities. Promoting and working on our Pack Walks was something that I really enjoyed, and I really began marketing and pushing those events as much as possible.

We have a 9 year old dachshund named Gunnar, who is absolutely my pride, as well as a rescued heeler mix named Lola who I have titled “my soul-sister”. The newest member of our pack is Moustakas or “Moose” as we call him; a droopy Great Dane that is an absolute wrinkly bundle of love.  In my spare time, I love hiking, camping, learning anything I can, cooking, yoga, traveling, enjoying downtown Fayetteville, and spending days at Table Rock Lake.

Solgave Animal Solutions was an easy choice for me from the beginning. It has always been more than just petsitting and dogwalking.  This company has heart and soul, and our goal is to continue making huge strides in our community. I look forward to planning many Pack Walks, to utilize our awesome dog-friendly businesses in town, and to use our work to help many non-profits and small businesses in our area.