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How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water?

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Chickens are being raised as early as olden times, basically for egg and meat. Raising an animal as a pet or for economic benefit is not an easy task. One needs to keep in mind every detail while taking care of the animal. From its eating habits to its sleeping patterns, everything needs careful monitoring, primarily if it is being raised for some particular reason example, here chicken is for eggs.

One of the essential aspects, which is often neglected, while raising several chickens at the farm, is their drinking requirements. So how long can chickens go without water? Researchers tell that chickens can survive a maximum of up to four days without drinking water. People generally crater the water requirement of their chickens by simple methods like putting water in a dish, as they do for a cat or dog. But every expert suggests that every chicken keeper should use a waterer for performing this function.

What is Chicken waterer?How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water

The chicken waterer is the device that especially to store water, and from where the chickens can down water whenever required. Although even it is the simplest device, yet one might encounter various problems while using it. A chicken on average drinks up to a half-liter of water which might rise to one liter on warmer days. Chicken waterer might seem like a need for most of the chicken keepers, but it vital equipment required to be kept if one cares about his animals.

However, there might be some problems, at first like the chickens might not understand how it works and can create a mess or even might damage it. But eventually, the chickens will learn how to use it, as they are one of the intelligent animals. So it might take some time for them to accept this device but as they do so, it will also be helpful for the keeper.

How is it helpful for the keeper?

The average storage capacity of the best chicken waterer is approximately 16 gallons of water, this volume can fulfill the water requirement of a single day, if it drinks one liter per day, up to almost 50 days. Now obviously a keeper has more than chickens, so instead of putting one-liter water in a dish and refilling it multiple times .it is easier for the chicken keeper to store water in this device which requires a lot less amount of refills

Why not the traditional way?How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water

A Chicken waterer has the following advantages over the traditional method of putting the water in a bowl or dish for the chickens.

  • It has more water efficiency, that is it saves the water from wastage which might be more in the traditional methods
  • It requires fewer refills, therefore, provides a convenient method providing water to chickens, for the keeper.
  • This device has large storage, so water is available for chicken for a longer time, in traditional method chances are that the keeper forgets to refill the dish, or takes long hours to fill it again, while chickens at that time are too thirsty.
  • It is portable therefore can be transferred from one location to another without any spilling of water.

Types of chicken waterers

There are many types of chicken waterer which are available in the market to choose from some of them are­-

Bucket/Trough Chicken waterer

– It is the simplest method, inspired by the old method of keeping dishes full of water. The only difference is that here the open containers or troughs used are larger and continuous water flows through them.

Bell Chicken waterer

-It is the best value device and is the cheapest and the simplest Chicken waterer. From the top part, it is manually filled and chickens are fed by mere action of gravity. These are round or bell-shaped and can be made of plastic, aluminum or steel.

Automatic Nipple type Chicken waterer

– it is the most popular waterer used. It is automatically filled by the freshwater source nearby or main or from the household water supply. Its maintenance is easy and is an all-round self-sufficient and the most convenient device to provide water to the chickens.

How does Chicken waterer works?

A Chicken waterer works simply. The water is either manually filled or automatically filled in the container of the waterer. There are small tube-like projections provided, which work perfectly for chickens, from where water comes out chickens can drink it up.

Which Chicken waterer to choose?How Long Can Chickens Go Without Water

The best chicken waterer for you depends on your requirements. The two main factors which decide this choice and some of them are given below:-

Several chickens

– the choice of the waterer depends on the capacity you need and the capacity is directly related to the number of chickens kept. More are the chickens more is the capacity of water required, hence larger Chicken waterer is needed.


– almost every commodity you buy depends on the fact that how much you can spend on it. Therefore if you have a high budget go for the modern automatic chicken waterer, but if the budget is tight you might go for the bell-shaped waterer too.

Climatic conditions

– if the weather is cold in a general way you might require a small chicken waterer if the weather is generally hot and humid, more water is required hence, large capacity waterer is required.

It is always preferred that if you do a job, do it properly with all the vital requirements considered, and if the job is as difficult as raising a living organism you need more care. Therefore one must never neglect the basic needs of the animals being raised by him. And should use all the necessary equipment to do so. Hence Chicken waterer is an important device that should be placed at the necessary locations on the farm, so that the chickens have ample water to drink.

So choose the best for your chickens to get the best from them!

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