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Dog Walking

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Whether you live in an apartment in the city, or you have a big back yard, your dog will benefit greatly from daily walking! Read more about it here.

You arrive home from work exhausted – wouldn’t it be great if your dog was calm, balanced, and satisfied?  Ready for a relaxed cuddle time with you  and your family!

We offer walks for dogs large and small, whether:

  • Your dog needs a complete regime of regular exercise
  • You need a break from walking your dog during cold, dark winter evenings
  • You just need a few days of freedom after work to do your own thing
  • You’re unable to come home after work to walk and feed your dog for any number of reasons

Whether your dog just needs a potty break, or you want to give them the gift of an hour-long exploration, we have dog walking and sitting options that will fit your needs  – and if they don’t, we desire to customize a package that will!

Our walks come in 3 different lengths to give you the best set of solutions for your pet!

Our rates on each of the services below are customizable based on the solution of you and your animals needs!

(479) 305-3894  or [email protected] or “Book Now”

A Smooth Stroll

Want your dog to take a break from couch surfing and get out for some fresh air? An up to 30 minute smooth stroll is the perfect solution! This allows your dog to get out and stretch their legs, take care of their business, and breathe in some fresh air and sniff the daily newspaper. Yes, dogs are meant to be in their “natural” habitat as much as possible. For health reasons, behavior issues that you may not realize are just lack of exercise, and the pure joy for them…start with a 30 minute trial and see what you think! Solgave Animal Solutions is so confident in how your dog will respond we offer a money back guarantee. *

All of our walks are done solo (unless pack walks are preferred by you), allowing us to devote our complete love and attention to your dog only.  

Power Walk

Our 45 minute power walk are a fabulous way for your dog to get out and explore all the smells, sights and sounds of the great outdoors. They’re the perfect remedy for the long day alone at home, giving them the perfect amount of attention, stimulation and exercise. For you, it means a happier, calmer dog when you arrive home at the end of a long day. For them, it’s 45 minutes of doggie heaven.

We’ll be giving 100% of our attention to your dog only, keeping them safe and sound 

A Healthy Hike

We’ll hike up and down hills,  and even jog  through neighborhoods if it suits your pooch. Our walkers will be sure to rest and hydrate your dog throughout the entire exciting adventure, keeping them comfortable and motivated. You’ll come home to a dog who’s as fit as a fiddle and happy as a dog with two tails!

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