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Choose Cages to Raise Decorative Hedgehog

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Choosing a cage for your hedgehog is an important first step before you take it home. Many types of cages are acceptable for children to eat. Let’s find out some of the stables below


Pros: Tank sizes from 90 liters to larger are great for making porches for small hedgehogs. They are easy to clean and give us a good view of the baby.

Disadvantages: ventilation is a big problem, it’s okay for southern farmers, but for the North, using this summer type is very difficult. At the same time, the aquarium is a bit heavy in size and weight so it is difficult to move them.

Plastic containers (food containers)

Advantages: easy to clean and disinfect, they are lightweight, but the durability is not very good, there are many different sizes suitable for the size of each hedgehog baby, there are many colors from to mat.

Cons: Prices for cages of this type are a bit uncomfortable. To have a good ventilation system for your children, they must be drilled with holes around the boxes.

Rabbit hutch:Choose Cages to Raise Decorative Hedgehog

Pros: They are usually the exact size for ornamental hedgehogs.

Disadvantages: The baby’s legs can go through the gully of the cage, the risk of broken legs is very high. The wind blows easily, causing flu in the winter, if not cleaned thoroughly, it will have a very unpleasant smell. They may cling to the cage walls, slip, too heavy they can lead to death

Hamster cages:

Advantages: Easy to disassemble, clean, provide very good ventilation.

Disadvantages: The grooves of the wall can hurt the hedgehog baby if the baby tries to cling to it or the baby can get through the gap.

Mica cages:Choose Cages to Raise Decorative Hedgehog

Advantages: Lightweight, easy to transport, malleable, there are many models to choose from, no thermal conductivity. Suitable for both the climate in the South and the North. Can create a good ventilation system for your little hedgehog

Cages of this type have almost no disadvantages

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