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Pet Consulting

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Forever Home Adopting an adult dog is great for several different reasons! You not only get to save a life, you get (most of the time) a dog that is…

More About Our Company

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Have a special request or unique situation?  We strive to create CUSTOM SOLUTIONS based on the services you need, so use our prices as a guide and reference point only,…

Overnight Pet Care

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Are you going away, and feel that your pet(s) need more attention than the standard pet sit? Maybe you have multiple pets, and find it hard to find someone to…

Pet Sitting

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Have to leave town for a couple of days for work? Family vacation? No friend or family that are able to take care of your animals for you, and you…

Dog Walking

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Whether you live in an apartment in the city, or you have a big back yard, your dog will benefit greatly from daily walking! Read more about it here. You arrive…