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So we’re in the heat of summer and working towards a #noimpact campaign with our Fayetteville, AR based dog walking and pet sitting clients that involves using  a bike vs car within a 5  mile radius of downtown, and discovered a great way to get all  residents (not just pet owners) involved in a cool campaign.

This city is rich in history, and rich in pride.  During the mid day visits you’ll see me on a bike around town taking shots of infamous, historic, and well known (at least to some) buildings, houses, and attractions around town!

This pecial kicked off a week ago, and had enough responses I realized we should get some rules in place!  You can win one once per week! (only once) BUT are eligible to test your local knowledge every week! My first spot was indeed in front of St Paul’s as noticed by a follower on Instagram!


Since Facebook now allows hash tags as well for searchable content, the first to respond via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (not texts, although some of you like to let me know that way!) is the winner of 10$ towards any of our services.

Our second #WheresSolgave was taking in front of Starlight Skatium and got two quick responses within 5 minutes apart! To be clear, we will always take the FIRST to respond via the three social media platforms listed above!


The great thing about this is you DONT NEED TO BE A PET OWNER, just know somebody that has one to benefit with our gift certificate (credit) towards any pet sitting, dog walking, pet consulting services, or behavior modification work and you can PASS THE LOVE to them! It must be used within 30 days or that credit will expire!

We’ll post pics  at least twice a week and keep Fayetteville residents who THINK THEY KNOW this town, really tuned in and checking out where we’ll stop next. Our mid day route covers a lot of historical area so look for some neat shots!

Our company hopes to have a commuter bike that can handle larger routes and be one of the first carbon neutral, no impact pet sitting and dog walking companies in this part of the US!

You’ll find information about this, or can ask questions at our monthly “Community Pack Walk” that we host as well!


#WheresSolgave will be coming your way so follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SolgaveAnimalSolutions and Twitter at https://twitter.com/SolgavePack and as of TODAY our company Instagram is @SolgavePack! I was blending a lot of #solgaveanimalsolutions and other animal related Instagram’s with personal and decided we should split them up!

Have fun and look for our T Shirt coming out with the #WheresSolgave on the back!