The (Surprising) Reason People Love Professional Pet Sitters the Most

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The (Surprising) Reason People Love Professional Pet Sitters the Most


I think when it comes to most clients who use a professional animal and home care company; it almost always started with a vacation or a trip for your work.


You had relied on your neighbor, or parents down the road for caring for your animals for so long, but as your job role increased, and financial freedom expanded, you realize those freedoms could be passed on to you as well! You already have someone caring for your lawn in a professional manner, the segue into a professional pet sitter; home caretaker is a natural evolution!


Let me paint a picture for you! (Pun intended) You have some friends who have asked you on a Thursday night to go with them to Paint with a Twist! You live in Fayetteville, but work in Rogers!


“Oh man, the dog is REALLY going to need to get outside, but how much fun it would be!”  You are thinking to yourself how long it’s been since you’ve seen those friends.




This is what we call the “last minute request” that our regulars have let us know is the coolest part of having a professional pet sitter/animal and home care provider just a text or phone call away.


Once the paperwork and contract is signed, and yes, there is a lot of it, the fun begins. We have insurance, bonds, licenses that require a lot of information from you upon signing up for service, and that information is for the safety of you and your animal.  It’s for us to prepare, sort of like an exam, by studying the habits of your animals until we know it from observation.


So one of our employees (not contracted labor, and an important question to ask your animal care specialist if they have a team) that is your regular sitter (and likely a friend by now) makes sure to run over and get your animals the care they deserve! One cat, and two dogs you say? We change the litter, change all waters, and depending on feeding routines will do the nightly feeding!


One dog with special needs should be let outside, and another needs a mile walk to burn off energy? Consider it done! While our standard pet sit visits last up to 30 minutes, we can add longer walks and adapt on the fly most of the time.  We find ourselves appreciating flexibility and strive to be as flexible as we can for you.


You just hit Painting with a Twist and the first text comes in!


“Ahhhh.” You smile at the Instagram shot of your pack of animals and wagging tails captured by your Solgave Pet Sitting Specialist.


Now you relax.  Just as the canvas is hit with the first splash of paint you see a short video comes in explaining what was done and showing the fresh water, happy animals, mail that was brought in, trash can and recycling since it was trash day, and you suddenly realize the most important and coolest part of the relationship you have built with Solgave Animal Solutions isn’t the vacations and traveling you do with work, it’s the flexibility to have control of your life and freedom to say “Yes I can meet you in 20 minutes at Painting with a Twist!” or that happy hour gathering and have no guilt about it.


There are three types of clients professional pet sitters serve.


1)   The long working hours that means we come by in the middle of the day for a short walk and/or potty break visit. Those are about burning off exercise if a high energy dog, but usually about loving on them and making sure they have done their business and don’t need to hold it 10 hours or more until you arrive from work.  (We do discounts on any monthly invoiced mid day pet sit client- Contact us today on rates!)

2)   The traveling corporate person.  You work for a vendor likely, or a company that has you on the road 3-12 days a month typically and we are there to fill in the gaps for you so they pooches and kitties are loved on in their home environment with 2, 3, or even 4 visits a day (depending on needs/ages of animals/etc.)

3)   The vacation! Our peak times are clearly geared around the times you guys get off to do family vacations! Spring breaks! Easter! Memorial Day! Any and all major holidays where you take off for 3-7 days typically! The texts, pictures, and videos help you stay connected while you are away. We find this client appreciates those updates the most because they are so rarely apart! Solgave Animal Solutions assesses weekly, how we can change the connection to be even more innovative and personal, while at the same time letting you relax and enjoy your time off!

Lauren and Alice

It’s always been three standard client types, up until now!


4)   The “Spur of the Moment-I Love the Freedom” client who doesn’t have to say no to that invite at Painting with a Twist, or the canoe trip and sudden invite to float the Buffalo.  With a relationship built with professional animal care people you aren’t hedging your bets anymore on whether mom, dad, or your buddy can watch your furry family. You are relying on people who are vested in them not just being cared for, but being cared for in exceptional ways.


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