Solgave Second Chance Project – Phase 2

Posted by on April 29, 2014 in Blog, Second Chance Project

Solgave Second Chance Project – Phase 2

As I mentioned in the blog “The Solgave Project – Rebirth” we decided to shift our focus for the next 2-3 years on very specific and tangible objectives through initiatives and using horses and dogs in therapeutic ways to educate, inspire, and hopefully in some cases heal the human spirit. The long-term vision of Solgave has and always will be just that – to heal the human spirit through nature and animals.

Second Chance was and is a big part of the tree we call “Solgave.” Initially we hoped to use dogs at risk for euthanasia and rehabilitate and use them to help humans. It was after finding a home for the first Italian Greyhound we got, Renata, that Sunniva started reconsidering if this really was our path for the moment.

We had visions just a bit ahead of the real time table divine nature had in store for us. With our baby boy growing and needing and demanding more from mom, we took some time to discern and see what would be our next direction.

We both felt a sense of  freedom to go back mentally to how and why we started, and we felt our passion rekindle as we rediscovered our path. The end goal has not changed, and the idea of Second Chance and using dogs and other animals at risk for death to help teach, bring awareness, and heal children, adults, and elderly is clearly a very integral part of our 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year vision.

So we move forward with our non profit called “The Solgave Project” that launches our first action oriented initiative in 2 days, and instead of leaving the Second Chance project and page dormant it became clear to us who should guide it, lead it, and develop it over the next 1-3 years.

Lauren and Gracie

Lauren is really the part of the team that has a “rescue heart.” The rescue folks are doing incredible work and a vital part of the component. When wired as such, you can’t do much else but your “calling” which is saving as many animals as you can prior to them being put down. There are around 48 rescues and shelters just in NWA doing that type of work. We must take a moment to make sure there is clarity in how important and proud we are of that work.


Lauren volunteered and did a tremendous amount of work with the Pit bull Ambassador locally (and others) and is using any spare time she has into rescue and fostering dogs that need a second chance.


Right now she has two dogs in her care, P Dub and Layla. Those stories will now be told in real time on our Second Chance Page. Her posts and their evolution has been awe inspiring to see these two and their progress in California!


Our goals are to share information, create awareness, and Lauren also sees a need for a foster network in the Ridgecrest, CA area. So our Second Chance Project page is about to see new life through the eyes and work of Lauren Merriman and her foster, rescue and rehabilitation work she’s doing as a long-term integral part of our company.

That dream of the place where the dots finally connect; where dogs, horses, and other animals find their way back to life through a second chance and get to see their own stories and progress show humans with all types of issues that life can get better. That we all truly deserve and can have a second chance at life.

Please follow the stories and progress of the two dogs, P Dub and Layla, that Lauren is now fostering, and watch for more evolution and ideas on the things that can help dogs have a second chance at life through rehoming, fostering, and finding love where you sometimes least expect it.

We are proud of Lauren’s fiery rescue spirit, and her drive and energy to help dogs is unparalleled. Consider the baton officially passed and watch for changes on the page and regular updates!