The Solgave Project – Initiative One, the Yellow Dog Project

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The Solgave Project – Initiative One, the Yellow Dog Project

What is the Yellow Dog Project?

Why did we choose this as our first initiative?

What are our goals goals/objectives?

How do we achieve those goals?

What does Solgave add to this global movement?

And finally; how can you help?


The Solgave Project chose The Yellow Dog Project as our first initiative because of a variety of reasons.

  • It has a potential impact on every single person in Northwest Arkansas, dog owner or not
  • We had a dog sporting a yellow ribbon on our first pack walk, but discovered that no one knew what it meant (which kind of defeated its purpose!)
  • After one year in business, we have met a lot of different dogs and people. It became clear to us just how many “yellow dogs,” or DINOS (Dog In Need Of Space) there are out there.



Many people’s first question is “What is the Yellow Dog Project?” It can’t be explained better than they do from the “About Us” page directly from the Yellow Dog Project site. So we will link to the page and copy that description below.


“The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement for owners of dogs that need space. It hopes to educate the public and dog owners to identify dogs needing space, promote appropriate contact of dogs and assist dog parents to identify their dog as needing space.


Yellow Dogs are dogs who need space – they are not necessarily aggressive dogs but more often are dogs who have issues of fear; pain from recent surgery; are a rescue or shelter dog who has not yet had sufficient training or mastered obedience; are in training for work or service; are in service; or other reasons specific to the dog. Here’s a list of what a yellow dog is NOT.


The Yellow Dog Project seeks to educate appropriate ways to approach or make contact with a dog with permission of a dog owner only, whether or not a dog is a “yellow dog”. They also seek to promote the use of yellow ribbons to identify yellow dogs needing extra space.


As a not for profit organization, all of the monies raised/donated are used to buy more material for ribbons, t-shirts for representatives, and posters for display.


The Yellow Dog Project encourages people to find their local positive reinforcement trainer and look for programs to help their pets. From Grisha Stewarts “Behavior Adjustment Training” to; Victoria Stillwell to Karen Pryor; Ian Dunbar to Dr. Sophia Yin; and beyond – The Yellow Dog Project encourages all forms of positive training to help yellow dogs.”


Now that you know what the Yellow Dog Project is, and why we chose it as our first initiative, let us share our goals of what we hope to accomplish in this 3 month window in front of us! (Each initiative is 3 months in length as described in the “The Solgave Project – Rebirth”


What is that goal?  TO HAVE EVERY PERSON IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS AWARE OF THIS GLOBAL MOVEMENT! Okay, so that is a lofty goal for only having 3 months, but we want to help as many families as possible feel safe about getting their dogs outside and make sure those people already outside know how to better approach dogs.


There will be a variety of ways we plan to reach people.

  • Through a press release we are issuing this week, we hope that local media resources (KNWA, CBS, and other print and online news resources) will share this information with our community to help us reach a lot of people
  • Events – From the Kid’s Stage at the Block Street Party May 18th to every Community Pack Walk that we host during the 90 day window, to events and organizations we are reaching out to as we speak, we will come and present demonstrations and educate people through use of dogs or role playing, what proper space really is, how to approach a dog that needs space, and general “manners” to keep in mind when first greeting a dog. (an example of just a few things)
  • Social Media – We are working on digital custom flyers that we hope will go viral in the Northwest Arkansas region to share the basic insights of what The Yellow Dog Project is, about and how to find out more information.
  • Volunteers – We finally will get to use a group of volunteers that we’ve not been able to find adequate use for yet! We can use people to put up flyers on bulletin boards, their apartment complex or neighborhood, hand out flyers directly to people in high traffic events, or visit their local vet or groomer with information.





It’s our privilege, honor, and duty to give our best effort for the next 90 days and make sure, that with your help, we can spread awareness of this amazing global movement, and on how to appropriately approach dogs.

With awareness by dog owners and non dog owners, together we can create more harmony and balance in our local parks, farmers markets, trails, and neighborhoods.

If you are interested in helping us spread the word in any way please contact us at