Dog Walking


Whether you live in an apartment in town, or you have a big back yard, your dog will benefit greatly from daily walking!

You arrive home from work exhausted – wouldn’t it be great if your dog was calm, balanced, and satisfied?  Ready for a relaxed cuddle time with you and your family!

There are many benefits to daily walks for dogs.

  • Physical health benefits such as reducing obesity and keeping bones and joints strong.
  • Release of mental energy for dogs who are nervous, have separation anxiety, or hyperactive.
  • Becoming familiar on a leash
  • Having a midday potty break to reduce accidents in the home
  • Stimulation to help dogs with socialization and experiencing other sights and sounds

Whether your dog just needs a potty break, or you want to give them the gift of an hour-long exploration, we have dog walking options that will fit your needs  – and if they don’t, we can customize a package that will!

Our walks come in 3 different lengths and we have the option for a quick potty break to give you the best set of solutions for your pet! All of our dog walks are done solo, with just one client’s pets at a time so that your pet(s) are given 100% attention.

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A Quick Potty Break

This is a budget friendly option for those clients who need their pets to be let out during the day while they are busy at work, on campus or running errands. We can refresh water, feed, play ball, or administer medications during this break as well!

10 Minute Walk

Our 10 minute walk is a great option for those dogs that need to get a walk in, but maybe going longer than 10 minutes is a little bit hard of them due to their breed, age, or injury. Your dog will get the benefits of physical exercise, stimulation, and a regular potty break in a nice 10 minute segment!

A 20 Minute Walk

Our 20 minute walk is the perfect medium for those pets that require daily exercise but do not need the length of a 30 minute walk. This is another budget friendly option that is great for dogs off all breeds, ages, and training!

A 30 Minute Walk

Our 30 minute walk option is the most popular for our clients.  Your dog will greatly benefit from this long walk! This is perfect for more active dogs, overweight dogs, and really ANY dogs! The length is just enough to give them a nice release of energy, calm them, and keep them healthy!


Click here to book now! or call us at (479) 249-9450. You can also email us with any questions you may have! 

If you do not see a service or rate that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us at We are happy to find a custom solution to meet your needs.


Click here to book now! or call us at (479) 249-9450. You can also email us with any questions you may have!