The Road to Second Chance – Chapter 1

Posted by on October 7, 2013 in Blog, Second Chance Project

The Road to Second Chance – Chapter 1

From the very beginning of our journey, Solgave was formed to bridge the gap between animal and human behavior.  The four cornerstones of our dream were animals, nature, balance, and healing.

Starting as a non-profit “project” in Sweden, we knew that if were going to achieve our ultimate goal of healing animals and humans we had to have a strong cash flow foundation.

Half a year of market research and planning went into Solgave Animal Solutions before we even landed in the US.  Since then, we’ve been in the trenches developing and changing our sails as we adjusted to the real world market we are now in the midst of.

How do you take a desire to rehabilitate animals at risk for euthanasia (severe aggression, anxiety, phobias, etc.) and humans that have lost their way and link them together?  For starters, you get the passion and background of Sunniva and I and believe nothing can stand in your way but yourself.

We are driven, not by money or greed, but a deep philosophical desire to change the world in the ways we believe we are here to do.  We are focused, we are competent, we are hard working, and we are crazy enough to believe we can pull this off.  Northwest Arkansas made sense for a lot of logistical reasons because of its access to the rest of America.  (long term vision important)

We believe the Solgave Second Chance Project will initially provide a place for dogs to be rehabilitated. A dog psychology center of sorts in the Midwest, but it doesn’t stop with dogs.  EVENTUALLY, the project strives to connect the animals on the other side of rehabilitation with humans who can be assisted in finding balance in their life. At risk youth, county jails, women’s shelters, and even leadership development are things we sketched out on paper in early 2012 when forming the ethos for Solgave.

It’s going to take very calculated steps, a lot of hard work, tremendous patience, a willingness to work through obstacles, a deep seated belief in yourself when others may not believe in what you are doing, and those are all things we’ve found comfort in during our time together.

So this is our story, “A Road to Second Chance.” Our desire to document the stages of our dream that will ultimately assist animals and humans finding their way through a second chance at life.

Pet sitting, dog walking, and behavior modification are all services we are doing today, the foundation of a company rooted in something much bigger.  We want to shake the animal care industry up a bit, have some fun, and never let go of our desire to keep working on ourselves along the way.

Our next step is likely one of two things.  Either a move into a larger home with a fenced back yard where we can put 1-2 kennels in.  Those spaces could be for dogs pulled off death row at local shelters, or private clients that had situations dire enough the dog needed to be pulled to work on.  Sunniva has had many cases like this in our short time here. If we had space for 10 dogs at our place now, they would be full.

Property and space has been offered, but it needs to be in the Fayetteville area for us to have access to.  An empty city lot that was run down, a tiny piece of property we could rent…are other options we are looking at as we take the next step in this journey.


We have a logo, we have mentors, we have a think tank, and some passionate people who believe we can achieve this.  We are deeply grateful for the trust, communication, support, and guidance we are getting.  It only takes a few powerful nudges to keep your feet moving.

Our t-shirts for this project just came out this week, and our #solgavesecondchance marketing campaign has begun! Proceeds from the T-shirts go into a new account that is used to help people that can’t afford our services receive help, especially dogs at risk for euthanasia.  We’ve used early proceeds from some pre-sold shirts to assist one client with two at-home sessions.  Social media provides great access for us to share these stories with the public and supporters as we sell more shirts, get private donations, and other fund raising ideas for the Second Chance Project.


Our goal is to blog once a week to share our frustrations, our victories, our hope, and our progress of a dream we are calling “The Road to Second Chance.” We promise to be authentic, passionate, honest, and courageous. We’ll make some mistakes along the way, and we’ll own up to them.  We’ll also promise to give you everything we’ve got and are committed to seeing this thing through.

Thanks again for following this journey for 2 years now, and sharing your dreams with us.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

— Paulo Coelho