Road Trip part III – Going Home!

Posted by on February 28, 2013 in Blog

Road Trip part III – Going Home!

Yeah, this ended up being a blog mini-series… That’s how it goes when you decide to travel almost 3000 miles in four days. It’s doable, but not easy! 60 hours in the car, almost ten tanks of gas, way too much junk food (even though we made a conscious effort to be healthy!), way too little sleep, and a very happy reunion later, we are now home! This is what happened our final two days…


We had a great time in Philadelphia, after a couple of long days it felt great to arrive at our hotel at five pm, and just relax for the night. One of Jared’s friends that he hadn’t seen in fifteen years, knowing we were exhausted, actually came to our hotel together with his family to hang out and eat Philly cheesesteak!

Geno's cheese steak

They brought us cheesesteak from two different (and famous) places, and we got to vote on which ones we preferred. Yum! We had a great time, and our votes were unanimous – Geno’s were the best!

Taking Adam’s advice, we waited until ten the next morning, as we were going to drive into Philly to run up the Rocky stairs (it was on all of our bucket lists!). He guided us there, and we all got to do the obligatory pose next to the Rocky statue, plus run up the stairs. I bet not many Norwegian dogs have run up those stairs! Big thanks to Adam (and Michelle!) for giving us a unique experience of Philly in the short time we could spend there! Next time we’ll stay longer!



We drove through Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia before crashing at a hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee late that night. We were exhausted. It had rained heavily almost all the time, making it a slightly tougher drive (and a little more boring). Luckily, we know how to entertain ourselves, and played games (self-invented) such as “guess which state this is” and mentioning the state’s official nick name. Yes, we’re geeks. And yes, Jared won.

The dogs slept the entire time, and I am more than impressed at how they dealt with everything! Ashna especially, loved the hotel experience, and seemed to be completely at peace being a dog on the road.


The morning of the last day on the road, we woke up in a daze. I had to wake Jared up three times before he fell right back to sleep in the car. The great thing about being three drivers, was that we were able to sleep/rest in shifts! We went to Graceland (only Siri went in, as it was no dogs allowed and Jared and I were at this point walking-dead), and then headed home!


We arrived at the lake house in Grove late that night, after picking up Gabi at her grand parents house on the way. Wow. Not a trip I will take again any time soon, but it still goes down in the books as the most epic road trip ever! Jared and I fell asleep with two happy, tired but peaceful dogs in between us… I realized that this is the place I want to be, this is the country I want to live in, this is where I want us to raise our kids and grow our business! I needed to see it, to feel it, to try it – to KNOW it. And now I do!