Meet The Pets- Buzz and Luna

Posted by on June 22, 2016 in Blog

Meet The Pets- Buzz and Luna

Buzz and Luna have been great clients of ours for awhile now! We love hanging out with this duo. 




What is your pet’s name? Buzz (male cat) Luna (female lab mix)
What is your pet’s breed(s)? Orange Tabby Cat / Black Lab Mix
How old is your pet? Buzz is 4 and Luna is 1 1/2 years
What is their favorite toy? Buzz loves his catnip fish and Luna loves any KONG Toys
What trick do they perform best? Buzz can play catch and Luna rolls over.
Does your pet have a favorite spot in your house and why do you think it’s their favorite?
They love the designated “pet couch: and window sill and the couch.
If your pet had a “perfect day” what do you think they would do?  Buzz would nap all day and clean himself
Luna will nap and then go to the dog park and play fetch or go to the Dickson Street food trucks
Tell us a fun fact about your pet! Buzz is named after Buzz Lightyear and also Buzz Aldrin
Luna is named after the moon because we got her on a full moon.