Meet The Pets- Bodhi

Posted by on June 13, 2016 in Blog

Meet The Pets- Bodhi
Bodhi is one of our super sweet clients! He often comes to our SAS Pack Walks as well and we have really enjoyed watching him grow. He’s just as sweet as he is pretty!  Bodhi’s mom answered some questions for us about this sweet fella. Check it out! 
  • What is your pet’s name?  Bodhi with a Heart of Gold.  Bodhi is a Buddhist reference to “awakening” or “enlightenment”.
  • What kind of dog is Bodhi?  English Cream Golden Retriever.  No, he’s not a Great Pyrenees or a lab.  His color throws people off.
  • How old is he?   He turned one April 2016.
  • What is Bodhi’s favorite toy?  Anything he can pull apart, but his fave is his Benebone.  He also loves bananas and peanut butter covered apples.
  • Does Bodhi have any tricks?   Um, he’s not too big on tricks.  He doesn’t even like to fetch even though he’s a retriever.  He is, however, an expert rock-mover, hole-digger, and wood-chewer.
  • Does your he have a favorite spot in your house and why do you think it’s his favorite?  He loves being at the foot of our bed and does not appreciate it when he has to move to his crate.  I think it makes him feel important to be on the bed.
  • If your Bodhi had a “perfect day” what do you think he would do?  He would play with other dogs and dig holes until his heart’s content.
  • Tell us a fun fact about your Bodhi!   Bodhi is training to become a therapy dog so he can work with his Mom in her counseling practice.  Animal-assisted therapy is a relatively new trend that has proven successful for working with those with anxiety, depression and PTSD.  He will also work in the community to provide comfort, love, and affection.  Plus, he’s pretty cute to look at!

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