Holiday is Fast Approaching – Pet Sitting Openings Available in NWA!

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Holiday is Fast Approaching – Pet Sitting Openings Available in NWA!

We are about to hit our craziest time of the year! You are either headed to your parents, grandparents, or getting your home ready for visitors.

Regardless of your Christmas tradition, your animals will feel that stress. Make sure to take extra precaution and introduce any dogs with anxieties to new people the appropriate way. We have many links, tips, and videos on how to do this on our site, but a simple Google search will help you as well.

Some people forget that we do cats! And pigs! And turtles! And with the trend we love dearly with 7 hens and a rooster of our own, we have done extensive chicken sitting in the urban areas of Fayetteville!


So don’t forget we aren’t here just for the dogs and the cats, although….they are the primary source of our love.

Cat Sitting

Our team has now faced a holiday before and with a seasoned approach on how to handle things, we are excited to get some new bookings to make the crazy time of year crazier.

Often what I find is, once Christmas is over and the in laws are gone…you get an itch to get away suddenly.

As I referred to in this blog, “The Real Reason People Love Pet Sitting the Most Is…” to show that it’s that flexibility they grow to love.

Yes our staff is like family. Yes they are insured and bonded heavily. Yes they get ongoing training and are highly educated university grads.

Professional House Sitting

But honestly we value their commitment to a few simple things the most, and believe our base of clients do to.

Their love of this planet, the animals and humans that live on this amazing ecosystem we all share.

House Sitting is getting fairly booked up!! Email us NOW to try and plug in dates with two of the most experienced in the NWA area on our team.


Pet Sitting is ideal if the dogs are comfortable in your home. We can explain on the phone how it works, what boarding means for the dog if that’s been an option, and why people never switch back if they’ve used a brother, or neighbor for years.

Bottom line РWe are paid as professional to look for details. Water cleaned.  Place left nicer than we found it. Photos or videos sent in real time so you know when we were there.


Hey, check out our Testimonials on Facebook and our page if you want to see what past people have said, or shoot me an email directly

If you book by Friday for a minimum of 5 days and are a NEW CLIENT we will charge NOTHING for the meet and greet and not charge the typical holiday fees.

Christmas and New Years are a period we get a lot of new people just edging their way into the fastest and most ideal type of animal care for the furry family they love so much!



Call us at (479) 409-2861 or just click BOOK NOW for a no pressure Meet and Greet to find out how we can customize a package to meet your needs this holiday season!



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