Here We Go!

Posted by on February 11, 2013 in Blog

Here We Go!

Solgave Animal Solutions is finally on the way, launch ready in the US shortly! I decided to write this because Jared tells me I need to believe in myself more, and I know I do – but sometimes I still have doubts, you know? This business of ours is based on US as a couple, our interests, our passions and our visions of the future. We largely see our future as a staircase, and step one is Solgave Animal Solutions. It was natural for us to want to work with animals, as we both love and adore them. Jared has always told me that I have a gift with animals, dogs in particularly. I find it hard to come out and say that I do. I don’t see myself as any different than anyone else. Anyone and everyone can achieve a great relationship with their pet, it is all about understanding and trust. I guess where I may differ slightly from some, is that I tend to understand what animals are thinking and feeling better than I can understand what humans are thinking. Luckily I have Jared, who not only understand me, but is also very adept at understanding people! He works as a brilliant link between us all —> the animal —> me —> Jared —> the pet owner!

We brought our first ever foster dog home today. It’s hard with shelter animals… Our human side tells us to pity them, and feel sorry for them, pamper them and spoil them rotten. The animal side in them doesn’t want pity though, it wants BALANCE… The challenge for me as a human is staying balanced when my human compassion want to coddle and baby them, “comfort” them and take them all home … Unfortunately, I can’t do that! The dog we brought home was brought home for a couple of important reasons:

1. He needed socialization
2. I needed to rebuild my own confidence and self esteem
3. An intense gut feeling that this dog is and has something special. I may be wrong, but if I’ve learned anything from what we’ve been through this past year, it is to listen to my deepest gut feeling.

So now we’re sitting here at the table, with a dog that is out like a light on the floor next to us. Calm. Satisfied. Balanced. What I struggle with as a human, is more than anything not listening to my instincts. Humans aren’t very good at that. But I tell you, that when you DO listen, and you find “balance” – it all makes sense. Life. Animals remind me daily who I am. Why I am here. And it’s all about to play out…


– Sunniva