Fun Facts about the Staff- Jenny Tuten

Posted by on June 6, 2016 in Blog

Fun Facts about the Staff-  Jenny Tuten

What is your name? Jenny Tuten
Where are you from? I’m a Kansas girl. Originally from Emporia KS, but lived in a couple different cities in KS before transplanting here to Fayetteville 5 years ago!jennylola


If you could be any animal, which animal would you be and why? I think a mountain lion. I love my quiet time being in the outdoors and mountains, and I don’t want to be low on the food chain :). Plus I think they’re such graceful animals, which is a trait I lack.


What is your favorite part of Solgave Animal Solutions? Our clients of course but I really love our Pack Walks and that not only are they tons of fun, but they give us a chance to raise awareness about local non-profits and shelters/rescues in our area. I love that we look to make a greater impact than our services alone.


If you aren’t working, what do you like to do in your off time? Anything outside- hike, camp, kayak, lay at the lake, sit on patios whether it’s my own or one of our great local spots. I love our Farmer’s Market and taking shelter dogs there with Fayetteville Animal Services.  Mostly being with my dogs, husband, friends and family.


What is your favorite restaurant in Northwest Arkansas? I LOVE brunch. So with that being said; Farmer’s Table or Arsaga’s on the Depot. I love anywhere with a patio that I can take my dogs.


What is one of your past pets, and what was their name? I have a few of them of course but my first childhood pet that I can remember was a Basset Hound named T-Bone Bonehead Gilreath.


What is your favorite part of living in Fayetteville? There are constant events and ways to get involved. I’ve been here 5 years and I’m always finding new things. I love our outdoors scene and our local, small businesses. I adore our volunteer scene. And the people; I love the people.


What is one thing you like to do every morning? I like waking up really, really early and drinking coffee in my quiet living room for a few hours with the dogs. And maybe Pinterest.


What is a fun fact about you? I’m really into learning and trying new things and a bit of a nerd when it comes to non-fiction and retaining new information. Currently reading a book about the Dust Bowl, one about Astrology and birth charts, and recently into vegetarian/vegan cooking. I love researching anything and everything from complex diseases (I’m a nurse), geology, indigenous tribes, American history etc etc.  Other than that, I cook really good lasagna and black bean burgers and I’ve been known to be pretty sharp with naming dog breeds.