Freedom No Pull Harness



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The Freedom No Pull Harness is unlike most other no pull harnesses out there. It has a patented martingale loop on the top of the back, and also has a metal ring in the front of the chest. This allows you to have full control of your dog, using a leash with two hooks/connectors.

The harness allows you to gently discourage pulling, without causing your dog any pain (as some harnesses and collars are designed to do). When a dog feels pain when they pull, it can worst case scenario cause them to pull much worse, and in “best case scenario” cause them sufficient discomfort/pain that they refrain (temporarily) from pulling. The Freedom No Pull harness is ideal to use while training your dog to walk nicely, so that the outcome is a dog who knows how to walk nice, and will do so with or without the harness.

The double connectors when using both rings allows you the control you need in all situations, including extreme pulling or lunging. When you are in full control, it is also easier for you as a handler to relax, hence also sending the “right energy” to your dog. Tension from you will cause tension in your dog, so the ultimate “mind state” for you to be in while walking or training your dog, is one of balance and calm.

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