“Forever Home” –A New Solgave Service for Adopted and Fostered Dogs….

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“Forever Home” –A New Solgave Service for Adopted and Fostered Dogs….

“Forever Home” –A New Solgave Service for Adopted and Fostered Dogs….

When my wife and I started seeing the demand for behavior modification services quickly becoming the crux of what we were getting contacted about, it was clear we should scan the country and our own thoughts for what other services could enhance the full set of solutions we offer.

We are only charging our Basic Obedience rate right now at 39$ per hour with this 2 hour package that gives you a breadth of Solgave Animal Solutions services and guidance for 78$. This is a service we are currently extending to foster dogs through area shelters at no cost, but regardless of how you got your new dog the “Forever Home” package is a great way for you to establish the right relationship from day one.

With our agreement we have with the City of Fayetteville – Animal Services to be the Behavioral side of a two part outreach program (Training/Behavior) and the Community Pack Walk we had established as a monthly event for the community we started to recognize with every shelter and rescue we began to meet that a big need was there for pet consultants to help be a bridge of sorts between the exit door of the rescues/shelters …and the new homes they enter

We have several new services we have unveiled and are preparing marketing materials for to get the word out but this one is the closest to my heart for several reasons.  I think it can have the largest long-term impact (along with our Matchmaking service) on the balance and harmony in the home of the new owner.

Our hometown shelter is FAS (Fayetteville Animal Shelter) and adopts out a phenomenal number of dogs with a kill rate now so low than can almost be considered no kill.  Springdale Shelter is just down the road and is shifting an understaffed and big-hearted team in the right direction.

I’m not going to share with you who it was that sat in front of me on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, but I can tell you this…I left that meeting forever altered in terms of what it means to work for and be part of the tough decisions that mean some dogs are driven by you to the vet to be euthanized. With tears trickling down her cheeks, she off the cuff was caught in real emotion based on the power and heart behind the work she does.


Even some of the best run shelters around here face things we don’t want to talk or think about, and that’s a death row sentence for dogs that touch the soul of every person they come in contact during their stay.

“How can we help?”  I thought to myself.  How can we take our passion, our skill set and help alleviate so many problems that these wonderful organizations face every day.

Again, I left that afternoon with a heavy heart, yet at the same time inspired by what I saw.  Our communities are lucky. We have leaders in place that are running or establishing these rescues and shelters that are not there for the money or fame. They are there to try to curb a devastating problem in our pet communities.


We are on the right track, and I will say I’m excited that Solgave Animal Solutions arrived at a time when there seems to be cohesion, vision, and action.

Chris Heinen is a shining example of heart in motion at the Fayetteville Shelter. He is a full volunteer who overseas and is reigniting the Foster Program there.

What you have to realize is most dogs behave differently outside of the shelter environment, and even with that said, until they have arrived in your home you never know what the dynamics are like with children, other dogs, and your lifestyle.


But the foster program is a great catalyst for adoptions and a wonderful chance for the public to have a zero commitment chance to take a good dog and get them out of the shelter environment where they can then be more easily adopted out.

Here is where I saw a potential bridge for Solgave Animal Solutions, and hopefully all 45 shelters and rescues in NWA at some point in the future can be part of this new program/vision.

First I want to share briefly our proposal to them, and what we are offering you the public if you are fostering a dog.  I know there are reservations when it comes to bringing in a new dog to the house.  When you get a dog at a shelter whether it be a foster or a full adoption you are provided with an immense amount of great information.

So much so, that as one Director of a local shelter stated it’s like a sponge trying to soak up everything from a fire hose.  The difficult aspect is taking that knowledge and putting  it in play at the home.


Not everyone needs or will take us up on our offer to provide the “Forever Home” service to foster dogs, but some will. We want them to know we are particularly available for behavioral issues that we normally handle with clients.  Anxiety, aggression, food aggression, excessive barking, etc.  As part of our commitment to the shelter and rescues hard work for this community we are available at no cost to help in any way we can to these organizations. That may be a phone consultation, email, or in home visit.

We’re also wanting to give some new foster parents the full “FOREVER HOME” consultation which is a 2 hour package that takes place at your home, ideally as soon you bring the dog into the house assuming we have advance notice, but always recommended to be during the first week.

Now this isn’t just a blog about the foster aspect, but we wanted to share that part of it because it’s the service side and a big piece of our heart is tied to helping expand and make fostering easier, because it definitely increases adoptions which as we know, saves the lives of these dogs.

So what do we do when we meet you at your house with a new adopted dog? Great question!


First of all, to have heard of us, you got the information via a brochure or verbal discussion as you were filling out the final paperwork on your new adopted dog! This is an exciting time in ones life!

You are not just saving the life of a dog, but as we say, potentially changing the lives of everyone in your family because of the balance this special animal can bring to your life.  BUT, when making this decision and choosing to bring an adopted dog into a new home it can create some difficulties and challenges. Whether the dog transitioned from a shelter, rescue, breeder, or even a friend, it has different needs and requires specific care to feel relaxed, comfortable, and …well, at home forever.

Some great examples of things that we can do are:

  • House Breaking – In the shelter it’s often hard to tell if your dog is housebroken or not.  And even if it is, it may likely need some assistance the first week(s)
  • Integrating the dog into your family dynamic
  • Boundary Setting – Work on the boundaries that you are desiring your new dog to respect
  • General tips on feeding routines, walking your dog, and help choosing the right equipment for your new furry family member
  • Crate training (if necessary)
  • Leash training techniques

These are just a few basic things we will always address but as a behavior modification specialist and pet lover we make a great team and enjoy assisting families find the balance from the beginning that can mean harmony and peace for years to come.

So many people with the biggest hearts and greatest intentions either get the wrong dog (Matchmaking Service can help here) or lack just a few basic principals, techniques, advice that can mean the world to the long life you and your dog will have together.

We believe in this experience being so important and our level of commitment so strong we offer a money back guarantee.

That’s the cost of one night out to dinner and this is a new member of your family that could quickly become a balanced member of your “Pack” with this amazing new service.

Call, email, or click the “BOOK NOW” Button after going to the “Forever Home” link on our site!

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