Five Problems an Invisible Dog Fence Can Solve

Posted by on July 23, 2015 in Blog

Five Problems an Invisible Dog Fence Can Solve

Five Problems an Invisible Dog Fence Can Solve


If you’ve ever lost your dog, you know how heartbreaking it is and how hopeless you feel. As you search for them or wait for them to come home, you’re constantly worrying that they could be hurt or in other danger. Until they’re home, you can’t rest. One of the best ways you can prevent a lost dog is by installing a fence around your backyard. However, there are some situations in which a traditional fence isn’t the preferred or practical solution. A DIY electric fence is sometimes a better option, like when you have any of the following problems.


Your Yard is Too Big for a Fence

For dogs who love to run and explore, unlimited access to dozens of acres is a dream come true. If you own that much land, however, ensuring your dogs don’t cross the outer perimeter is a much bigger challenge than when you’re just dealing with the average-sized backyard. Traditional fences get exponentially more expensive the more sections you require. Also, if a section becomes damaged, you won’t know your dog is at risk of escaping unless you find it first. Additional wire for an underground dog fence is significantly less expensive than sections of traditional fence. The main unit of your invisible fence system will also notify you immediately if there is a break in the wire, ensuring your dog is never able to get free while roaming your land.


Your Dog Just Loves to Dig

Some dog breeds are more inclined to digging than others. Also, any dog who is bored can develop the habit of digging to pass the time. If your dog uses his digging skills to burrow underneath your fence, then an invisible fence is an excellent solution. Your dog’s e-collar will prevent them from getting close enough to the perimeter to escape. If your dog enjoys wreaking havoc in your garden, you can also install an electronic dog fence around it to keep them out. Because invisible fence boundaries can be customized, you can allow your dog to have access to anywhere in your yard except for your gardens, flower beds, or other favorite digging areas.


Your Dogs Has a Strong Prey Drive

Certain types of dogs have been traditionally bred for hunting, and those dogs often can’t help themselves when they spot other small animals. If your dog has a strong prey drive, they will take off in pursuit of any animals they see, and this could include hopping your fence or breaking through it. An electronic dog fence can help contain dogs with strong prey drives. Your dog’s e-collar will warn them with an annoying beeping tone that they’re approaching their boundaries, and a mild, corrective shock will follow if they continue anyway. Sometimes, both a traditional fence and an electric dog fence are necessary.


You Cats and Dogs Fight Indoors

Invisible dog fences are not just for use outdoors. There are also electric dog fences that can be used indoors, and they’re perfect for helping to keep the peace in a multi-species household. If your dogs and cats just can’t get along, for example, you can use indoor barriers to keep your dogs and cats in different areas of your home. With electronic barriers, you won’t have to keep your dogs in their crates or locked in just one room, and everyone will be happier. Indoor electronic fences can also be used to keep your dogs out of unsafe rooms, such as the garage.


You Have a View Too Nice to Block

A wired or wireless dog fence is also very helpful when you have a nice view in your backyard that you don’t want to obstruct with a traditional fence. If your house overlooks a lake, mountain range, golf course, or other nice landscape, you can contain your dog and preserve your view. A wired dog fence will allow you to keep your dog in your yard, and it won’t block your own access to the land beyond your dog’s perimeter, such as your dock if you live on the water. Your dog’s safety is, of course, paramount, but your personal enjoyment of your property and landscape doesn’t have to suffer in order to keep your dog at home.


If you think an electric dog fence might be a good solution for you, then it’s time to do your research in selecting the right brand and model for your yard. Reading invisible fence reviews can be extremely helpful, especially when you peruse other customers’ experiences. It’s important to consider the size of your dogs, the size of your yard, and whether you want a wired or wireless dog fence for your property. In the end, knowing your dog is safe at home is the greatest comfort.


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