Defying the Sophomore Slump the Second “Community Pack Walk” was a Great Success!

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Defying the Sophomore Slump the Second “Community Pack Walk” was a Great Success!

Defying the Sophomore Slump the Second Palk was a Great Success!

I think that when anyone tries to set out to do  something creatively you know that your first attempt has some sort of energetic/support guiding it. Think of the first, or debut albums of so many bands that we see come and go.  By the second, they often hit the sophomore slump and fade into existence.


We aren’t rock stars, but we are trying to do things in a non-traditional manner and think creatively outside the box on how to accomplish the things driving our company.

  • Unity of dogs and their owners.
  • Advocacy of breed discrimination.
  •  Expansion of foster programs by aggressive and progressive leadership and volunteers behind them.
  • Ability to get the 43-45 shelters/rescues not working against each other, but proudly side by side and utilizing the best way to show off dogs. . In their natural environment.
  • Educate on things that matter to us. We are doing outreach through the City of Fayetteville and one soon to be announced organization and our Pack Walks allow us to share our Behavior Modification techniques with some role-playing and animal awareness.
  • Vendors get a chance to share their products, services, and allow your Pack Walk experience to be more than just a walk by sampling goods from various local dog bakeries, vets, retailers, and more
  • Nature immersion is important to Solgave’s philosophy, and us so having the 12 a year concept means we get to be outside every month of the year and help educate and inform along the way.

With my wife and I  both handling different pet sitting (see link soon for our drive to find the right team member by end of June) last night, I was taken straight from a house sitting/pet sitting to the location set up! Little time to spare!

As usual, we were late! Luckily, the new vendor supporting us this time with a tent was also late! LOL.  Not as late a start as we had at our first one, and the tent went up smoothly.


The timeline went almost to the “T” in terms of our projected itinerary we put out last night.  Around 10AM I gathered up the dogs and their 2-legged owners and we start the same way.  I have a list of shelters/rescues who are there that day/any dogs they may have with them and let them introduce themselves and their organization.


My wife is 4-6 weeks from having the biggest miracle of my life happen, so she was a trooper out there today doing nails for patrons taking advantage of the 5$ trimming we do as a service for showing up.  Normally she’d share 5 minutes of a topic near our heart and relative to the time of year, but today was not feeling her best so we took off wi!!


I have to say this trail with weather conditions and not walking it first (although I am familiar with it b/c of mountain biking Slaughter Pen) had me a bit nervous but man was it great!

We took off the N Bentonville trail, part of a long series of connected trails in NWA for walking, jogging, biking and after going under the bridge we entered the area where the mountain bikers would ride Slaughter Pen and stayed on the Seed Tick Path for about ¼ mile and then at the freestyle park turned back so that we easily avoided lots of dogs meeting head on and stayed true to our desires of a loop aspect.


I drifted to the front and back and I have to say people were smiling! This was a fun event and I think since we had one under our belt it felt way more relaxed and just a better time.


The part trail and part paved trail was really a nice change and I think people loved that diversity, and I know the dogs did!


Some quick thoughts on what you’ll see in the coming Pack Walks as we continually meet with people and rattle our own brains is how to make the “event” more organized on the backside.

Much like the brief itinerary that we have for the first 15 minutes I think from here forward you’ll see an itinerary for the end.  Many of you are driving almost an hour to get here some times, so we want to keep making this event more broad in it’s potential.


We can do our education talk at the end with everyone relaxed on the grass and do talks similar to the ones we do in schools, or other outreach sources such as how to choose the right dog based on your lifestyle, how to educate/train children to approach dogs on trails and at park, and many other relevant topics.


We then may have some fun contests, a dog agility course demonstration with an agility trainer, and lots of other ideas.  If you are reading this and have ideas, or know someone who might want to get involved contact us!


We may even grill out on months where the weather seems nicer and the location is appropriate (Fall for sure)

We’ve passed the sophomore slump test and are moving into June, our 3rd Solgave Animal Solutions – Community Pack Walk.


Big thanks to Dog Days at Bentonville Farmer’s Market for the tent and assistance today! That event May 18th is something you won’t want to miss and we’re excited to have a booth there that day!


Remember that giving your chance to be a dog, socialize, and both metaphorically and literally taking steps in the same direction can create great changes not just in the mind of the dogs, but also in the minds of us, and ultimately apply to the world.

Until next time, we keep stepping with you guys along our side and helping to be the bridge to so many wonderful organizations trying to rehome and save the lives of all the dogs in Northwest Arkansas.



FOOTNOTE- 41 people are eligible for one free year of pet sitting after month 1, and I’ll keep that number visible via each blog that cover’s that months walk.  I think dressing in costume, sunrise, full moon, and other aspects will make that number low, but I sense some heart in a core group that is going to give everything they have for a chance to win this prize!