Popular Packages Back for Limited Time – October Pack Walk and More!

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Popular Packages Back for Limited Time – October Pack Walk and More!

NO IMPACT CAMPAIGN – Fayetteville residents! We are the only professional animal care company in NWA providing a neat urban campaign by utilizing a commuter bike and our awesome trail system. It’s truly one that leaves No Impact on the planet and we are passing savings from gas costs on to you! Email back for inquiries if you are eligible.


CHANGES COMING – We still use vehicles for the rest of you..LOL…. and look forward to our new vision and growth strategy for 2016.  If you aren’t following our FB page or blogs, now is a time to start watching for slow and powerful changes to emerge.  This industry requires innovation and we have spent time assessing how to best move forward.


REFER A FRIEND – Do you know someone in your neighborhood or a friend who could use our services? Our “refer a friend” program is back as well and depending on the package they sign up for, you will see 25$ or 30$ put into your account for EVERY PERSON that uses you as a reference! A few of our clients have really taken advantage of it and we are so grateful!


POPULAR PACKAGES BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME – We are also reverting back for the next two weeks to our popular 10 and 20 unit packages and prices we had over the last year.


CUSTOMIZE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS – There is no situation we’ve not been able to customize a plan and/or pricing so that you can enjoy your time away, or not stress to run home at lunch, and watch your animals wagging big and chilled out for you to just love on them when you return.


That’s what it’s all about.


Happy Friday and please open up the PDF attachment and click any link that you want!


The Solgave Family Pack Walk-Oct Newsletter