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Choosing Pet Sitting

You’re leaving town for a vacation or work, or...

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Have a special request or unique situation?  We strive to create CUSTOM SOLUTIONS based on the services you need, so use our prices as a guide and reference point only, we will be working with you one on one to create a plan that suits you and your pet’s needs.

An additional mileage fee may be added for clients located outside of our main service area.

Below is a brief overview of our services and prices but please click EACH OF THE LINKS for a more comprehensive view into the broad array of services we offer.

With all of our services, your will great regular updates from us with pictures, texts and even videos!

Solgave Animal Solutions does offer a discount for all military members and veterans. As Veterans ourselves, we believe in the importance of readily available professional pet care for those who are serving or have served. Please let us know if you qualify for this discount at the time of booking. 

Daily Dog Walking/Running

Whether you live in an apartment in town, or you have a big back yard, your dog will benefit greatly from daily walking!

  • Quick potty break (in town with sitter in range)
  • 10-minute walk
  • 20-minute walk
  • 30-minute walk


 Pet Sitting

Do you have to leave town for vacation or work? If you need dog and cat sitting, you can count on Solgave Animal Solutions to make sure your pets are well taken care of while you’re away as they stay in the comfort of their own home.

  • 1 vist per day
  • 2 visits per day
  • 3 or more visits per day

We recommend at least three visits per day if on vacation, click here for more information.


Overnight Pet Care 

For many of our clients, a big concern is leaving their pets overnight alone. Overnight Pet Care is a great addition to any of our pet services. This gives you and your pets the security of having a professional Solgave Animal Solutions member in your home to overnight.  Click here to learn more about Overnight Pet Care.


Premium Housesitting Package 

Our Premium House Sitting Package is a great package for our clients that want the most detailed care for their pets. This is a great package for clients with puppies, kittens, animals in training, animals with medical needs, or any client who just wants high quality care for their pets. Click here to learn more about our Housesitting Package.


In Our Home Pet Care 

In OUR Home Pet Care is a great option for those people who do not want to leave their pet alone at home, but maybe house sitting doesn’t seem like a necessary option. With In Our Home Pet Care is when your pet stays with a Solgave Animal Solutions team member at our home. This is a limited service due to us being pet owners ourselves to make sure that we do not cause extra stress to our pets or yours! To learn more, visit our the In Our Home Pet Care site here.


*Click here to view rates for each service.  To learn more, email us at solgaveanimalsolutions@gmail.com, or click on our “Book Now” for a free customized plan and rates for you to consider our services.

If you do not see a service or rate that fits your needs, please feel free to contact us at solgaveanimalsolutions@gmail.com. We are happy to find a custom solution to meet your needs. 

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